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Mobile Copy Service is always looking for ways to assist you, our clients. This section of our web services was created to provide you with access to many of the commonly used forms for record procurement. A few of the most frequently used forms are:

  • Mobile Copy Service’s Authorization Release form -- HIPAA compliant Kaiser Authorization
  • CRAD - Kaiser Consent for Release of Alcohol, Drug, and Psych. Records
  • EDD - Employment Development Department Release of Records
  • NARA - The standard request for Military
  • UDMI - U.C. Davis Medical Center Authorization

Please feel free to view any of these forms. You can download them to your personal computer or fill them out online and print them directly to your printer.

Please login to access these links. Contact us at to register for web services access, or call us at (800) 953-8436 and speak to one of our client support services representatives for a free demonstration.