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  Custodians of Records

HIPAA Information
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Mobile Copy Service realizes that one of the standards of HIPAA states that health care providers can have agreements with their business associates regarding the proper use or disclosure of patient health information. Business associates include medical record copying vendors who have access to this confidential information. We realize that as a result, some health care providers cannot disclose patient health information without a written agreement.

Mobile Copy Service is a licensed and bonded professional photocopy service. We provide on-site photocopying and digital imaging of public, patient health information, and privileged documents. Our company is a well-established organization that has developed a fine reputation of integrity and professionalism over the past two decades. In regards to security, we perform our processing and production process at our secure location. No unauthorized persons are allowed access to our facility. All information is protected through multi-level user I.D./password access. Our personnel have all signed privacy and confidentiality statements in compliance with federal regulations affecting our industry such as HIPAA.

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Mobile Copy Service understands the implications of the new privacy regulation on our company. We continually evaluate our internal processes to ensure we will be able to comply with the expectations of the records’ custodians. We are committed to making any changes necessary to our infrastructure to ensure we will be able to maintain the privacy of the protected health information that is received in our facilities.

Mobile Copy Service hopes that the information found on this website regarding HIPAA will be useful to you. However, any and all information on the following pages is NOT to be considered a HIPAA legal reference, resource, or a substitute for specific legal advice. The material provided here is for informational purposes only. If you have a specific legal problem, question, or concern regarding HIPAA, please consult an attorney familiar with HIPAA to get individual legal advice.