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Standard Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

The following standard terms and conditions are part of the terms of your use of Mobile Copy Service, Inc. These terms are in addition to the terms provided to you as part of your sales proposal.


You are responsible for clearly instructing Mobile Copy Service, Inc. as to exactly what work you want Mobile Copy Service, Inc. to do for you. This is the only way Mobile Copy Service, Inc. can ensure that its production staff understands your needs and can deliver a high quality work product. You will be provided with a detailed written description of the work to be performed in the form of your confirmation letter. You accept responsibility for any ambiguity in the instructions that Mobile Copy Service, Inc. follows in completing your work, and to ensure instructions are written and for any ambiguity in those instructions. You assume the risk of any communication failure arising in connection with any verbal instructions.


Payment is due for goods and services no later than thirty days following the invoice date, unless other terms are specifically noted/agreed upon in your proposal/pricing agreement.

Attorney Fees

In any dispute between you and Mobile Copy Service, Inc. arising from your contract with Mobile Copy Service, Inc., each party shall pay their own attorney's fees, incurred costs, and incurred expert fees.


This agreement shall be governed by California law. Jurisdiction and venue shall be proper in the State and Federal Courts located in the County of El Dorado. Telecopied signatures shall have the effect of original signatures. This agreement may be executed in counter-parts. These Standard Terms and Conditions form an essential, but not complete statement of the agreement between you and Mobile Copy Service, Inc.

Privacy Statement

Privacy is of the utmost concern to Mobile Copy Service, Inc. Mobile Copy Service, Inc. is committed to ensure the privacy and security of all information provided by our clients. Mobile Copy Service, Inc. does not disclose personally identifiable information without your consent. Security Measures implemented by Mobile Copy Service, Inc. to maintain the safety of your personal information include the following:

Our secure server is certified by GoDaddy using SSL (secure socket layering) and 256-bit encryption. Every user is assigned a unique username and a generic password that may be changed by the individual user at any time.

All information transmitted to Mobile Copy Service, Inc. via our website is handled with the same level of scrutiny and attention as that of the user information and therefore not made available to any parties in any format outside of what is necessary to complete the assignment on our user's behalf. If desired, user access may be limited by restricting the client IP Address to prevent users from accessing the site and related information from a remote location.

Disclosure Policy

Mobile Copy Service, Inc. will never sell or trade your personal information to any outside party for any reason without your express written consent, or unless required by Law Enforcement.

Your Consent

By using the Mobile Copy Service, Inc. website, you agree to the collection and use of this information by Mobile Copy Service, Inc. If changes are made to our privacy policy, we will post those changes on our website.

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Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and security policy, feel free to contact us at 1-800-953-8436 or via email at